Do not appear Credits while the program is running?
Credits arrive on the account 1 time in 10-15 minutes.

Purpose of work in the system?
Our system will help you to automatically receive regular visits to your sites.

Who is a referral?
A referral is a person who made a registration using your referral link, which is unique to each user and is indicated in the Affiliate program section. For the active work of your referral in the system, you will receive Credits in accordance with the referral grid, based on your referral level.

How much credit will I get for viewing sites?
Having standard - free account status, you will receive 0.5 credits in 30 seconds. view the site. Having the status above the free account, the number of received Credits increases.

Can i have more accounts?
No, this is forbidden by system rules, you must have only 1 account. If duplicates are found, all accounts will be deleted.

How many sites can I add to my account?
You can add up to 30 sites.

What sites are prohibited in the system?
All adult content, websites inciting interethnic discord, websites containing viruses, websites of propaganda.

After downloading the program at startup, see the error?
Verify the integrity of the installation file, that is, whether the installation file was downloaded in full (size) and error-free. Violation of integrity can be caused by a false alarm of the anti-virus software, which leads, as a rule, to disconnection of the connection with the server.

After installation, the program does not start?
Make sure that your antivirus / firewall does not block the actions of the program. And also try running the program on behalf of the System Administrator.

Improved account type, but do not see any changes?
Restart the client program.

Visit duration on site
enable the option "Bounce Rate Reduction".

The program does not authenticate, the message "Could not connect to the server" is displayed?
- You must have Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 installed or higher;
- Check your antivirus, maybe it blocks the program;
- Try starting as an administrator.