Terms of Service
1. It is forbidden to have access to several accounts, to register several accounts. Upon detection, all accounts are deleted.

2. Credits are the internal payment unit of the ExoHit system. Credits can only be used to promote your sites in the ExoHit system. The fact of owning Credits does not imply the provision of any services.

3. Administration does not guarantee that the service will be provided continuously. There may be interruptions in the provision of services due to system repair or data backup.

4. The user is obliged to ensure the downloading of advertisers sites at the maximum available speed, and also not to create any obstacles for the loading of advertisers' sites. In the event of a difference in the number of successful site downloads from the user from the average statistic on the system, the user will be fined.

5. The administration reserves the right to refuse to participate in the system to persons who violate these rules, and also to delete the accounts of these persons.

6. The administration does not bear responsibility for the information contained on other sites participating in the system.

7. If any malicious software is detected on the user's site, the site may be blocked until it is cleared.

8. In the system of Exohit.com it is forbidden to advertise websites that violate the norms of public morality, pornographic websites, or containing individual elements or links to such elements that can be attributed to these categories. Also, the services of shortening links, websites without thematic content, sites containing a large number of advertising materials are prohibited. The decision on the belonging of the sites to these categories is accepted by the moderator unilaterally and can not be appealed.

9. It is forbidden to use the RedSurf system to create spurious traffic on advertised sites, leading to their inaccessibility.

10. You use the ExoHit.com system and the program attached to it, as well as the ExoHit.com website at your own risk (in other words: the administration does not respond and does not pay compensation for possible inconsistencies in the results to your expectations, as well as for the profit you missed, problems of communication with the service from yours or from our side, circumstances of force majeure, natural disasters, etc.)

11. You do not have the right to file a claim, since the service is provided to you free of charge, at no cost.

12. Your registration data will not be passed on to third persons, whatever they are (both individuals and data).

13. The user is responsible for the safety and confidentiality of his account and for losses that may arise due to unauthorized use of the User's account in the ExoHit.com system. All actions performed using the User's login and password are deemed to be performed by the User. The user is liable to third persons for all actions performed using the User's login and password, as well as the risk of possible adverse consequences for themselves and for the ExoHit.com system.